Hotel Silk Road Bamiyan Afghanistan


Location and AccessLocation and Access
Hotel Silk Road Bamiyan is located quiet place on the road to Foladi Valley, 100m away from the main circle of Bamiyan city.
1 minute walk will get you to the main bazaar.
8 minutes walk will take you to the Bamiyan Caves.

Bamiyan Map

Bamiyan Map (View from Bamiyan West Buddha)


By Air

30min flight from Kabul will take you to Bamiyan Airport. The airport is located on a hill in the South of the Bamiyan. Nowadays only UN airplanes and flights involved with humanitarian aid can travel by air. General public and tourists cannot travel by air to Bamiyan.

By Land

- Via Shiber Pass
(North Route, Ghorband Valley Route)
246 Km

You will reach to Bamiyan by this route in 6 hours. The road from Kabul goes North via the Shomali plains, up to Pul-i-Mattak. This road is paved for 83 kms, and rest till Bamiyan is partially paved. From Pul-i-Mattak, You will drive along the Ghorband Valley towards the West and cross Shiber Pass (Alt: 3,000m) which is the watershed of Oxus and Indus rivers. When you meet Shahr-i-Zohak which is located at the entrance of Bamiyan valley, it takes another 30min to center of Bamiyan city. Those who are coming by road, please confirm the security condition before departure.

- Via Hajigak Route (South Route)

This route takes you to Bamiyan in 5 hours. From Maidanshar (South of Kabul), take the road going west. You will cross Unai Pass(alt: 3,200 m), Hajigak Pass(alt: 3,450m) and join Bamiyan valley at Shahr-i-Zohak. Though many trucks use this route, the security condition of this route is unstable. It is not recommended for foreigners to travel by this route.

Donkeys carrying firewood in Bamiyan
Donkeys carrying firewood in Bamiyan

Flowers blooming in Foladi Valley in June (Bamiyan)
Flowers blooming in Foladi Valley in June (Bamiyan)

Abandoned tank in Bamiyan
Abandoned tank in Bamiyan