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Japanese Restaurant BENTOYA

BENTOYA dining

BENTOYA is opened in Share Naw area in Kabul as a Japanese home cooking restaurant.  Unfortunately, we can not serve  raw fish like Sashimi because Afghanistan  does not have ocean. We look forward to welcoming everyone with the Japanese home dishes using plenty of vegetables produced in Afghanistan.

"BENTOYA" was named after by the style of serving food in lunch box. As the name suggests, we serve all the dishes like Teriyaki-chicken Bento, Makizushi Bento in lunch box style with Miso soup. In addition to Lunchbox style dishs, we have Udon and Soba(both are Japanese style noodle). In summer time, we have Cold noodle like Zaru-Soba(Cold buckwheat noodle) ,  In winter time, hot soup noodle like Nabeyaki-Udon which warm the cold body. Vegetarian meal is also available.

For the customer who is difficult to come to our restaurant, Food delivery service is available. And we offer party menu as well. Please do not hesitate to ask us and we can arrange by your bugget. Our restaurant has also shop which sells handcraft and daily sundries like Japanse tea, chopsticks etc.