Silkroad Bamiyan handicrafts is founded in 2010. The first step was to prepare for the fixtures of Hotel Silk Road Bamiyan opened in 2007, including the cushions, bedcovers of guest rooms. Mainly we sell items such as household goods, including cushion covers, bedcovers and cloths like shirt and jacket with hand embroidery. Also bags made from Dastarkhan which is the traditional table cross in Bamiyan.

bamiyan textile


Bamiyan's hand woven cloth is woven by women in the village called "the Dragon Valley" located just outside of Bamiyan city. There are hundreds, thousands of colorful design and individuality of the Weaver reflects on each design . Hand woven cloth is woven by the principle of the weavers which weave the warp stretched 15m~20m on the ground . So weaving of hand woven cloth is difficult to work indoors and possible only from Spring till Autumn.

The revenue by this woven cloth is used for daily life as a valuable cash income of women. Many women who live in Bamiyan, do not have educational background and difficult to get a job. Even for men, it is difficult to find a job in Bamiyan which relies on stockbreeding and less industry. Among such a situation, women's income is very valuable and product sales is an important task for the stable life of women.

bamiyan peace bear

Teddy bear dressed in costumes of Afghanistan is called Bamiyan Peace Bear and is the most popular product in our shop. In Afghanistan, when the girls turn 7years old, mothers will teach carpet weaving and embroidery. Mother also weaves carpets and decorate her daughter's apparel accessories and prepare for the day the daughter will make the bride with beautiful embroidery.Now Bamiyan Peace Bear Project  is in progress to get back such a cultural habits of Afghanistan which is lost due to the current situation in the war over a quarter century.

It is difficult to embroider and sew human size cloth, so I first stared by little ones.No matter how small or simple, it took a considerable amount of time to become as a commodity for sale. Thanks to their efforts, Peace Bear have attracted customer's heart and we never stopped its production since its launch. Peace Bear Production is done in the division of labor work  such as hat embroidery and sewing beads, embroidery sewing bear body, costumes, costume accessories and bear body and five women join for this work. At the same time, five women will earn cash from 1Peace Bear.

Afghan families living is supported by Customer's help. We offered wide variety of products such as Girls bear with Afghan dress , Bears with Chopan or Pakora Cap, these days you can even find a bear with military cloth, 1.5 times bigger bear than normal size, Marilyn Monroe bear with Burka.

Please take a look our shop, you may find the country of Afghanistan from different angle.