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Restaurant Silk Road BamiyanRestaurant Silk Road Bamiyan

The restaurant is located in front of the West Giant Buddha. The buffet, which changes everyday is available for lunch and dinner. A fixed course menu is also available. The restaurant at this hotel is famous for its refined and delicious Afghan dishes. Also its home cooked Japanese food, is considerd to be very healthy and is very popular among the hotel guests and tourists.

Visitors who are not staying in the hotel require prior reservation for meals.


On the terrace you can have lunch or tea time
On the terrace you can have lunch or tea time
Restaurant Silk Road Bamiyan offers you Continental, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Indian dishes besides local Afghan food. We have a buffet, fixed course meals and an A la carte menu. (Please inquire with the front desk or restaurant for details and reservations)
The price of lunch and dinner is subject to change.
Breakfast: 300 Afs (price included for hotel guests)
Lunch : from 550 Afs~
Dinner : from 850 Afs~
* Fixed Course: Soup, Salad, Main dish, Desert and Tea/Coffee.
* Coffee and Tea is free of charge for all meals.
* Soft drink is not free of charge.
* We can arrange boxed lunch.
* 10% tax will be added.


Will include Afghan bread (Naan), Butter, Jam, Juice (2 kinds), Milk, Yogurt, Cornflakes, Seasonal fruits, Eggs as you order (omelete, scrambled, fried or boiled Egg),Tea and Coffee.

Lunch & Lunch Box

Mainly Afghan dishes. Japanese dishes are available on request.
Box Lunch (Ex: Fried chicken, Japanese riceball) is available for the guests who visit distant places and will be out for the whole day. (Ex: Band -i-Amir)
Lunch & Lunch Box


Buffet: Afghan food, Continental food, Japanese food, Thai food, Indian food.
Fixed Course: Changes everyday.
We can meet you partucular requests.